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Customer Stories

Traffic Ticket Legal Defence.

Abdul’s story

Abdul was running late for work when he was pulled over and ticketed for making an unsafe left turn. The charge would cost him $110 and two demerit points, as well as affecting his vehicle insurance premium.

Abdul believed that he had made an honest mistake and that the ticket was unfair. He called the Legal Advice Helpline, and was appointed a lawyer to defend him in traffic court.

The charge was completely withdrawn, and Abdul’s LEC driv XP policy saved him $750 in legal fees, plus the cost of the ticket and increased insurance premium.

Employment Termination Consultation

Brenda’s story

Brenda had been an employee of a financial services company for over 10 years. When the company was bought out by another company, a lot of staff were dismissed, including Brenda. Her contract contained a clause making it impossible for her to work in the same industry and province for the next 3 years. On top of this, she was only offered the statutory minimum. Unsure of what to do, Brenda used her LEC livXP policy and called the Legal Advice Helpline. She consulted with a lawyer, who recommended next steps and discussed the best way to cancel the post termination restrictions.

Contract Dispute.    

Jeremy’s story

Jeremy, a LEC livXP policyholder, had a dispute with an airline. Although he had checked in before the cut-off time on his ticket, the attendant told Jeremy he was too late. As a result, he was assigned an economy seat, even though he had paid for business class. He tried to get a refund, but the airline refused. After calling the Legal Advice Helpline, a legal representative contacted the airline and Jeremy was quickly able to secure a refund of $1,500 for the difference between economy and business class, as well as a discount on his next flight with the airline.

Employment Termination Consultation.

Melinda’s story

Melinda had worked for her employer for over four years, when her hours were suddenly cut in half. Being a busy mother of three, she could not afford to stay at her job for the number of hours now being offered to her. Her employer would not address her concerns or offer a severance package.

Unsure what to do, Melinda called the Legal Advice Helpline and a claim was opened. Melinda consulted with an appointed lawyer and was given general legal advice for negotiating a suitable severance package.

Contract Dispute

Jenn’s story

Jenn purchased a vacation to a 5-star resort in the Caribbean through a travel agent, and was looking forward to a week in paradise. Upon arrival, she found that the resort was not at all as advertised.

To her surprise, not only was the hotel a 2-star facility, it was also infested with insects. As the bugs had invaded the entire hotel, Jenn called the travel agent for help. She was told that cancelling the holiday was not an option and had to stay for the full 7 days.

The holiday created a great deal of anxiety for Jenn, and cost her a lot of money. The bug infestation was so severe, she had to leave her luggage and belongings behind. When all attempts to recover any expense through the travel agency failed, Jenn turned to her LEC livXP policy for help.

The legal representatives handled everything, only asking Jenn to provide receipts, dates, and contact information. Three weeks later, the assigned lawyer was able to recover 67% of Jenn’s expenses and she was able to save over $1,500 in legal fees.

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