Legal Expense Coverage designed specifically for Investment Industry Professionals

ARAG for investment industry professionals

Can you afford a legal dispute?

As an investment industry professional, you face a variety of legal risks on a daily basis at work and at home. From contract disputes to tax audits of your business, a legal issue can quickly arise, resulting in a substantial drain to your finances.

An ARAG Legal Expense Insurance policy fills gaps in your existing insurance coverage and:

  • Protects you from costly legal expenses
  • Empowers you to defend or pursue your legal rights
  • Provides you with unlimited access to general legal advice at any time

Legal costs by the numbers:

  • The average cost of a 2 day civil trial is $31,3301
  • 3 out of 10 small business owners are likely to face a legal dispute in the next 3 years2
  • 73% of business owners believe a legal issue would have a tangible impact on their finances2

An ARAG policy offers you peace of mind and allows you to focus on what matters most – managing your career and managing your personal life.

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How will an ARAG policy empower you at work and at home?


Earl is an investment professional. One day, his wife receives a speeding ticket on the highway. ARAG will assign a lawyer to the case and cover legal costs to fight the ticket on behalf of Earl’s wife.


Evan orders print materials for his business, only to discover a major printing error when they arrive. The supplier claims that their quality guarantee does not apply because Evan’s business received a discounted rate. ARAG will provide a lawyer and cover legal costs to defend Evan and his business.


Anne hires a contractor to repair her kitchen sink. The contractor abandons the job halfway through and refuses to fulfil his contractual obligations. ARAG will appoint a lawyer and cover legal costs to deal with the contractor on Anne’s behalf.


Rachel, an investment professional, is on her way to an off-site client meeting when she trips and falls due to an unsafe city sidewalk. ARAG will provide legal representation on Rachel’s behalf and bring legal action against the city.


Jacob slips and falls in an unmarked puddle of water while shopping at a grocery store, resulting in a severe back injury. ARAG will appoint a lawyer to take action against the grocery store.


The Canada Revenue Agency is auditing Brendon’s business expenses and demanding an on-site review of his records. ARAG will provide legal tax advice and cover legal costs after the first $500.


Julia is an investment professional. Her son, who resides at home, wishes to appeal a personal income tax assessment by the Canada Revenue Agency. ARAG will provide legal tax advice and cover legal costs after the first $500.


Offer yourself legal protection and the power to take action, with unlimited access to a general legal advice helpline to discuss any legal matter, even if the question is not covered by the policy.


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*Coverage is subject to the terms, conditions, and exclusions of the policy. For full details of coverage, including any conditions and limitations, please read the ARAG policy wording. Deductibles may apply.

* Coverage is subject to the terms, conditions, and exclusions of the policy. For full details of coverage, please read the LEC drivXP, LEC livXP and LECbusiness policy wording. Deductibles may apply.