LECbusiness CLAIMS

Legal issues can be expensive, complex, and stressful. With LEC Legal Expense Insurance, making a claim is easy.

STEP 1 - Have your policy number ready

If you have a legal issue or question, call the Legal Advice Helpline at 1-877-788-8889 right away. An intake agent will ask for your policy number and will schedule the most convenient times for an advice lawyer to call you back.

Step 2 - talk to an advice lawyer

An advice lawyer will speak with you, provide general legal advice, and recommend next steps for your situation. Advice is always given, even if your issue is not covered by the policy.


Step 3 - determination of a claim

The advice lawyer will forward the matter to our Claims Department if it appears your issue may be covered by the policy.

A Claims Adjuster will examine your legal issue and determine whether your issue is covered. If legal representation is required to resolve your issue, the Claims Adjuster will forward your file to one of our panel lawyers specialized in the area of law relevant to your case.


Step 4 - a panel lawyer is assigned

Your Claims Adjuster will work with you and your assigned lawyer, to ensure your claim moves forward in an efficient manner.


We are committed to providing you with excellent service. The legal advice helpline is here to help for any business-related legal issues, from 8am to midnight, 7 days a week. In an emergency situation, your call will be answered and an advice lawyer will be made available 24/7.

LECbusiness: Claims Examples

How will a LECbusiness policy protect and empower your business?


Janice dismisses an employee from work after he regularly shows up late and provides poor customer service. The former employee commences a wrongful dismissal action and alleges discrimination. A lawyer will be assigned to defend Janice, the retail owner.


Joe, a store owner, and Sandra, a store manager, are under investigation by the provincial health and safety authority after an unfortunate workplace accident took place in the warehouse. A lawyer will be appointed to defend Joe and Sandra during the investigation and against any charges laid.


A commercial customer for Becca’s industry supply store refuses to pay an account invoice for the delivery of merchandise. He claims the order was incorrect and the delivery was late. Despite evidence against the customer’s claim, he still refuses to pay. A lawyer will be assigned to the case to pursue the customer and to retrieve the amount owed to Fran’s business.


A municipal health inspector suspends Bryan’s licence to sell dairy and food products in his general store. Bryan believes the reasons cited for the immediate suspension are unfounded and not in accordance with regulations. A lawyer will be appointed to commence an action to recover the money owed to Becca’s store.


Juliana, a store manager, is attending an off-site meeting and training session. In between meetings, she trips and falls in an unmarked puddle of water at the hotel. As a result, she suffers serious knee injuries that impact her professional and personal life. A lawyer will be appointed to represent Juliana and bring legal action against the hotel.


The Canada Revenue Agency is auditing Sanjay’s business expenses and is demanding an on-site review of his records. Legal tax advice will be provided and legal costs after the first $500 will be covered.


Offer yourself legal protection and the power to take action, with unlimited access to a general legal advice helpline to discuss any business-related legal matter. Call the Legal Advice Helpline at 1-877-788-8777.

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* Coverage is subject to the terms, conditions, and exclusions of the policy. For full details of coverage, please read the LEC drivXP, LEC livXP and LECbusiness policy wording. Deductibles may apply.