Legal Expense Canada has one goal: to provide all Canadians with access to Justice.
The legal system should not just be available to wealthy families and big businesses.
Knowing you have access to legal assistance 24 /7 is a feeling we want every Canadian to have.


RIAD_logo2012-H80 LEC is proud to be a member of RIAD, the association of legal protection insurers and service providers, who are committed to promoting   easy, affordable and high quality access to justice and the law.

Vision and Mission

We do live in a litigious society. Canadians have long avoided this fact, fearing that we would be compared to those in America, appealing to the justice system for retribution and frivolous opportunity. A Canadian would not do that.

Yet as this world continues to globalize, corporations cross new borders, local businesses find themselves positioned with new multi-national competitors, the Canadian dollar continues to drop and Canadian citizens find themselves strapped; for time and for cash.

LEC has a vision; providing businesses and families access to the Canadian legal system for a low yearly insurance premium.

We needed to find a way to market our products to every Canadian and educate the public about the LEC brand and product offering to all Canadians. We found the distribution channel, the insurer and the value proposition. Now we need to educate.

The benefit of this insurance offering is to provide families, businesses and associations with coverage for a variety of legal events through an insurance policy covering against the traditionally high costs of legal services. Canadians are consistently discouraged in proceeding with legal action due to the exorbitant legal fees even when they have been taken advantage of, or believe they were wronged by another party. Our long term success, means that Canadian Businesses and families are not using this product repeatedly, yet they have a facility that will assist them when they are faced with exceptional and extraordinary legal situations.

LEC wants to equip and empower all Canadian citizens and businesses to be taken seriously.  We’d like to see fewer Canadians taken advantage of – because there becomes a wide spread knowledge that most individuals, through LEC product, have the access to lawyers they deserve. If both parties have legal insurance there will be a natural deterrent for illegal actions and behaviours.

Our Mission: Equipping Canadians with quick and easy access to the justice system; empowering Canadians to understand and assert their legal rights for a fraction of the cost to hire a lawyer.

Who is Legal Expense Canada?

Legal Expense Canada Inc. (LEC) is a legal expense insurance firm providing Canadians fair and affordable access to the Canadian legal system. With access to over 1,900 expert lawyers and paralegal’s. LEC aims to build a reputable and trusted brand in the Canadian marketplace as the premier firm for legal expense coverage. Through an LEC policy, Canadians will be afforded the knowledge, support and access to the legal system; no longer living in fear and proactively inquiring with peace of mind.

Our Founder

Richard Mark Messier, has over 20 years of experience in property and casualty insurance. He has extensive expertise with insurance product development, operations management, strategic planning, expansion, risk management, regulatory affairs, investments, change management, mergers acquisitions and developing high performing teams. Richard completed his C.A.I.B. in 2003 and his Designated Individual status in 2006. Richard has been a board member of the Toronto Insurance Conference and Vice President from 2003-2007. Richard has been awarded TOP 30 Elite commercial broker status across Canada in 2015. He also has underwriting and claims adjusting background.

Any questions please call or email Rick directly!


Personal plans as low as $179.00 / year and Business plans starting at just $1,350.00 / year.



* Coverage is subject to the terms, conditions, and exclusions of the policy. For full details of coverage, please read the LEC drivXP, LEC livXP and LECbusiness policy wording. Deductibles may apply.